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Carisoprodol, are to be marketed under the brand name of Soma popularly among others, It is a drug used for the musculoskeletal pain. Its use is only approved for about 2 to three weeks only due to its addictive properties. Effects generally begin with half an hour and they last for about to six hours. It is taken formally by mouth. Common side effects may include mild headache, little dizziness, and the sleepiness. Serious side effect may include minor addiction, allergic reactions, and the seizures. In people with along with a sulfa allergy certain formulations may result in issue too. A precaution during pregnancy and breastfeeding women’s is not clear for this Soma 500mg. We also deliver Soma 500mg with an easy click to order methodology from our portal you can Order Soma online with no prescription from us only whenever in need of.

Carisoprodol or the Soma 500mg was approved for the medical use in the United States from the year 1959 and its approval in Europe was also withdrawn in 2008. It is commonly available as a generic drug there. 

Over dosages of Soma 500mg

As with the other GABA generic drugs, the combination with other GABAergic drugs, with alcohol, as well with other sedatives in general, can results out to be a significant risk for the user in the form of an overdose. Over dosage symptoms are similar to those of  the other GABAergic drugs like as excessive sedation and the unresponsiveness to stimuli, severe ataxia issue, amnesia, minor confusion, agitation issues, intoxication sometimes and inappropriate or the (potentially violent) behavior. Severe overdoses may result with respiratory depression a serious one (and subsequent pulmonary aspiration), results you in coma, and even death.

Soma 500mg Abuses

Interaction of Soma 500mg with a muscle relaxant like as carisoprodol  or with the opioids and benzodiazepines is termed to as “The Holy Trinity” as it is been reportedly had an level of increase the power in high sense but can result out to be very dangerous also.

Recreational users of the Soma 500mg or the carisoprodol usually seek it to be potentially heavy sedating, relaxant, but sometimes show anxiolytic effects. Also, due of its potentiating effects on narcotics, it is often abused in combination with many other opioid drugs. 


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