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Buy Soma 350mg Online, which is a prescription muscle relaxant, generally administered to patients in combination with physical therapy and rest. Carisoprodol is the generic name for this medication. This drug is quite similar to the class of barbiturate medications with respect to its working on your body and brain. Soma 350mg is supposed to be taken only for a short duration.

Most medical practitioners will not prescribe this drug for a time period exceeding three weeks due to the probable risk of drug dependence and abuse. The risk is high in individuals with a history of addiction or substance abuse.

The usual prescribed dosage of this medication ranges from 250mg to 350mg taken thrice a day. It comes with sedative properties hence you should avoid taking up hazardous activities such as operating heavy machinery or driving a motor vehicle during treatment with this medication.

How soma affects the body and brain?

Soma medication is known to affect GABA receptors in the brain, and in doing so, it alters the way nerve signal are sent. It is a CNS depressant which implies that you may feel intoxicated or drowsy on taking this drug in increased amounts than prescribed by your doctor. Order Soma Online to stay away from muscle pain. Few of the side effects linked with soma include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Sedation
  3. Headaches

If you take this drug in high quantities, it can result in overdose.  Some of the symptoms of overdose include:

  1. Breathing problems
  2. Muscle stiffness
  3. Confusion
  4. Hallucinations
  5. Weakness of the legs and arms
  6. Uncontrolled eye movements

Half-life of Soma

The time half a dose takes to leave your body is referred to as the half-life of soma. Usually, it takes numerous half-lives for the medication to be completely eliminated from your system. The average half-life of Soma pills is approximately two hours, however, it may vary anywhere between one to three hours in many individuals. On the basis of that half-life, it would take around eleven hours on an average for anyone to completely eliminate a dose of this medication from their system. This drug leaves behind metabolites. The metabolite, meprobamate, may take around four days to be removed from your system, even after complete removal of the parent drug. Buy soma 350mg online to relieve the symptoms of muscle injury.


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