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Alprazolam, is to be sold under the trade name Xanax among others, it is a short-acting benzodiazepine drug. It is most commonly used in the treatment of short term management of anxiety disorders, as well specifically treating panic disorder or the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) treatment. Other common uses include like as chemotherapy-induced nausea issue, altogether with other treatments.

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Dependence and Withdrawal Reactions, Including Seizures

Xanax if consumed more than 4mg dosages for about or more than a week can develop symptoms of dependence for the drug. People face hardships then in keeping themselves from the drug addiction as well. Better consume as suggested and be safe.



People sometimes have been reported with the thoughts of suicide while consuming the drug better be aware and treat these patients with ultimate care and full support.


It should be considered that the children born of a mother who is receiving benzodiazepines or the Xanax drug may be at some risk for the withdrawal symptoms from the drug during the postnatal period. 

Labor and Delivery

XANAX has no established use in labor or delivery cases.

Nursing Mothers

Benzodiazepines are well known to be excreted in human milk. So it should be assumed that Xanax or the alprazolam is as well. Chronic administration of the drug to nursing mothers has been reported to effect their infants in order to become lethargic as well to lose weight. 

Pediatric Use

Use of Xanax for below 18 children’s is not safe better consult your physician before consumption.

Geriatric Use

The elderly use of Xanax may be more sensitive. The smallest as well the effective dose of XANAX should be given in the elderly to preclude the development of the ataxia or the over sedation.


Side effects to the XANAX medicine, if occurred, are to be generally observed at the beginning of the therapy and usually disappear when continued the medication. In the usual the patient, experience the most side effects like as drowsiness or the light-headedness. 


Physical and Psychological Dependence on Xanax 

Withdrawal symptoms of Xanax are quite similar in character to other reported with sedative/hypnotics and the alcohol which have occurred by the discontinuance of benzodiazepines, including the XANAX. These symptoms can vary from mild dysphoria and minor insomnia to a major syndrome like that may include abdominal as well muscle cramps, slight vomiting, excessive sweating, mild tremors and the convulsions. 

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