Soma Muscle Relaxer

Soma is generally used to treat pain which arises due to musculoskeletal conditions. The pain can be acute or chronic in form. It is generally recommended to use it for short term treatment as it has been proved to be ineffective in long duration of treatment. Buy Soma online overnight and treat pain in tendons, ligaments or muscles. Joint inflammation is common cause of pain. Soma contains carisoprodol which is subject to misuse, drug abuse and criminal diversion for non therapeutic use. 

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Drug Abuse

Risk of over dosage is posed by abuse of carisoprodol which may lead to death, hypotension, CNS and respiratory depression, seizures and other disorders. Those with prolonged use of carisoprodol, those who use soma with other abused drugs or those with a history of abused drugs are at high risk of soma abuse. 

The non therapeutic intentional use of Soma pills even for once for its rewarding psychological effects is termed as prescription drug abuse. 

Drug Addiction is developed after repetitive drug abuse and is characterized by a firm desire to take a medicine in spite of adverse consequences, giving more priority to drug abuse than to its obligations, increased tolerance, physical withdrawal and problem in controlling its use. 

Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction are two separate terms and different from tolerance and physical dependence. 

Physical Dependence

When a person’s reaction to a specific concentration and dosage is reduced more and more in the absence of the disease progression which require an increase in dosage to maintain the same is known as Tolerance. Withdrawal reaction after abrupt discontinuation or dose reduction significantly is known as Physical Dependence. After prolonged use of soma, physical dependence and tolerance have been reported. Few reported withdrawal symptoms are vomiting, insomnia, ataxia, anxiety, muscle twitching, psychosis, abdominal cramps, headaches and hallucinations. Buy Soma online overnight on doctor’s recommendation and do not take it in large doses and do not abruptly stop it after its prolonged use. 


Patients who receive soma may experience sedation and it may impair mental and physical abilities which are required to do hazardous tasks like operating machinery or driving a vehicle. Few motor vehicle accidents have been reported after the use of soma. The sedative properties of soma and CNS depressants (such as benzodiazepine, alcohol, tricyclic antidepressants or opioids) can be additive. So when you buy Soma online legally caution should be exercised while taking it along with other CNS depressants. Always consult your physician or pharmacist for the proper advice.

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